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India Districts Map - J&K, Ladakh

New ADM-2 map featuring India's new Jammu and Kashmir state, and Ladakh UT

I am happy to announce a new geospatial resource - India’s administrative regions including the newly formed state of Jammu & Kashmir, and the new Union Territory of Ladakh. The base resource is the district map hosted by The Hindustan Times which weirdly places Siachen in the bits of JK currently occupied by Pakistan.

The new shape of Ladakh was obtained by computing the union of the Leh district and the Siachen polygon from Natural Earth. Then Kargil is moved over to the new Ladakh province and the new Gilgit and Azad JK polygons are obtained by subtracting this new bit of Ladakh.

Jupyter Notebook, source code, and resulting resources linked below.

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